E l r O n d L a b s

Elrond Labs

Elrond Labs is an explorative and innovative NFT ecosystem, that focuses on propelling new projects to success. Using the Elrond Blockchain, our platform gives new projects a chance to break the ground, and become some of the very first success stories that Elrond will see.

How are we doing it?

Our brand is built upon our four pillars; Storytelling, Innovation, Fantasy, and Longevity. By truly believing in these things, we are confident that we’ll be able to deliver something brilliant to the Elrond Blockchain.

Breaking down the


NFT projects are only as great as the worlds that they’re set in, and the stories that they tell. Storytelling is a crucial part of what we look to incorporate into our projects.

By telling a good story, you’re able to resonate with your audience, and provide them with an often palpable journey. A good story sets the foundation for everything else that you seek to deliver. Done well, good storytelling can weave its way into every corner of your project, and help to refine your project introducing utility in a more digestible way.


Innovation will always be a crucial part of the success of NFT projects. It is for this same reason that we chose to go with the Elrond blockchain to deliver our projects.

We strive to include something new and unseen in our projects, because we know that when we find that, we’ll be offering the world something of true value. Innovation is literally the future, and we’re doing everything we can to find that.


Being able to tap into a traders sense of imagination is an amazing skill, and having a fantasy element to your collection does just that. We’re not necessarily talking about dragons and magic, just something that’ll keep them dreaming.

The truth is, you don’t want to invest in something that reflects your day-to-day life. It’s the same reason that we enjoy the hobbies that we do, or read our favorite books. Fantasy is everything.


if we’re talking about necessary criteria, then longevity should be the first on that list. It goes without saying that a project only survives for as long as it provides value. That’s why we actively search for that value.

We want our investors to get the most out of the projects that they’re buying into. The further their vision, the more likely they are to please their holders.


We initially chose Elrond for its speed and reliability; we wanted a blockchain that could keep up with our ambitions, and continue to deliver as we grew. But we also chose Elrond for another important reason.

We wanted to build projects on a blockchain that hadn’t yet been given a nod of respect in the NFT world. With our commitment to helping people grow, we wanted to offer our support to Elrond too.

Want to launch your

If you’ve got a project that you’d love to find success with on the Elrond Blockchain, then we’d love to hear more about it. Having your project launched with us, will mean that you get unrivaled support from the get-go.

Follow the link below to read into our criteria, and we hope that we can find success together.